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Coriolis Mass Flowmeters

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  • Brand:    HOMKOM
  • Type:    HKC
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These meters offer the most accurate measurement available for virtually any process fluid, while exhibiting exceptionally low pressure drop. The meters offer direct mass flow, volume flow, density, and temperature measurement of liquids and slurries _ without the need for additional equipment, manual calculations, or estimations.
The meters are designed for unsurpassed performance in even the harshest operating environments. They have no moving parts, and any special mounting or flow conditioning requirements. Everymeter is available with stainless steel wetted parts and a wide variety of process connections to meet your every need.

Titles Coriolis Mass flowmeter
Mass flow accuracy ± [0.2% +(zero stability /flow rate× 100%)]
Mass flow repeatability ± (1/2) × [0.2% +(zero stability /flow rate× 100%)]
Density range 0.2 g/cm 3 ~3.5g/cm 3
Density accuracy ± 0.002g/cm 3
Temperature range -60C~+200C Degr.
Temperature accuracy ± 1C Degree
Output of current loop 4mA~20mA
Output of frequency/pulse 0Hz~10kHz
Contactor capacity of a Batch Control relay 24V / 0.1A
Contactor form normal open
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